Abstract Submission

Authors are required to send a softcopy of the abstract of original and unpublished research work through email to iccmeh2023@gmail.com , on or before 1 June 2023. The abstract should be limited to one A4 size page, which should include the objective, methodology, results and conclusion. The language of the conference will be English. Two types of copies of the full papers, one in MS word and the other in pdf format with single spacing (12 pt, Times New Roman) should be submitted. The authors should mention their affiliation with corresponding addresses, email, telephone and fax numbers. Submission of the abstract will be accepted only through email.

Upon acceptance, the authors have to submit the full paper as per conference format to be given later. The final acceptance of the paper for oral presentation will be based on peer review. Efforts are on to tie up with scopus indexed journals/conference proceedings. Papers which are eligible for best paper award during the conference will have an opportunity for publication.