Manipal Urogynecology Conference


Program Overview

The Manipal Urogynecology Course (MUG) is for the Budding Gynaecologists (Post Graduate Students & Young Gynaecologists), to acquaint them with Basic Principles, Scope, Clinical Decision Making, Surgical Techniques and Controversies in Urogynecology. The armamentarium consists of various teaching-learning tools to make it a satiating and enriching experience. With the theme – ‘Innovations & Urogynecology’ this year, we plan to discuss the pressing problems in practice of Urogynecology and open a new door of imaginations among the young and fresh minds.

A. Hands on workshop – Day 1: After this workshop we expect that around 40-50 Gynecologists (in the early stages of their career) will learn common gynaecological surgeries, with the best teachers in the world, in the specially designed human like feel pelvic trainers. This kind of skill enhancement training will make the participants confident. Leaning from the best and being able to practice ex-vivo will help minimizing complications in the real life scenario.

B. Lectures/Case Discussions – Day 2: Our program is planned in such way that there are a few traditional one way lectures and more of discussions. By discussing more and more cases we aim to combat real clinical challenges of making a correct diagnosis, initiating treatment and timely referral. As it had been our experience that in this new field of Urogynecology by the time patient reaches the dedicated centre or doctor a lot of precious time is already lost and damage has progressed.

C. Live Surgeries - Day 2: Observing the surgeries live gives the observant a real time perspective. We are expecting 150-200 participants for the Day 2 this time. Moreover, the understanding and learning of those who have attended day 1 hands on training will get emphasized.

D. Poster presentation: This will give the delegates to showcase their research work in the specific area. Indirectly it will also inspire and give ideas to the participants to initiate research in this very new field of Gynecology, which is very much needed.

E. Innovation Hour: With this novel initiative we expect to inculcate the concept of innovation. With the inclusion of this competition/game show we are anticipating that the young minds will start thinking about the gaps in techniques and technologies in Urogynecology and they might come up with at least a few sustainable ideas.

Long Term Expectation : We expect this yearly activity to help improve health care of women across India. The simple idea is that if we can change the mindset and improve the understanding and knowledge of 200 Gynecologists in one event and even if they correctly diagnose, treat or timely refer 10 patients each; in an year we will be making a change in at least 2000 women who are silently suffering. In ten years with a 10% increase of participants the number would rise to approximately 30,000 women being taken care of. Moreover we want this drive to be a chain reaction. So that the ones who get trained here can train more and educate more in their area/community.