The theme of the conference “Genome Biology in Health and Disease” is multidisciplinary which requires interaction among multiple domains of research in order to dissect, decipher and discover intricacies of genome to understand disease states and to provide adequate solutions to all life forms. In order to achieve this goal, the need for integration of interdisciplinary subjects become all the more important. Through series of key note lectures, invited talks, award lectures, technical program speakers, young scientist lectures, poster sessions and many more, the conference aims to provide an excellent opportunity for both academic and industrial communities to address the trends and challenges, showcase discoveries and emerging technologies to a wide range of audience. The program of the SBC(I) 2018 Conference intends to foster interaction among participants in order to pave way for future collaboration and cooperation. Researchers who are engaged in basic, applied and translational research in the domains Biological Chemistry and Genomic Biology of life sciences are welcome to participate in the conference.

We hope that you will find this conference sufficiently stimulating, useful and enjoyable.


School of Life Sciences, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal. A constituent Institution of Manipal Academy of Higher Education will host 87th Annual meeting and Conference of Society of Biological Chemists (India) with the main objective of imparting recent knowledge in the field of Genome Biology, Health and Disease.

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  ✔  Genome Biology
  ✔  Genome Medicine
  ✔  Infectious Diseases
  ✔  Host-Pathogen Interaction
  ✔  Genome Informatics
  ✔  Epigenetics
  ✔  Molecular Genetics and Genomics
  ✔  Biomarkers and Molecular Diagnostics
  ✔  Structural and Functional Genomics
  ✔  Mitochondrial Genomics
  ✔  Genomics of Circulating Nucleic Acids
  ✔  Big data: Opportunities and Challenges
  ✔  Genomics of Rare Disorders
  ✔  Metagenomics and Meta-analysis
  ✔  Genome Editing Technologies
  ✔  Molecular Pathology
  ✔  Cell and Tissue Engineering
  ✔  Molecular and Bio-imaging
  ✔  Machine Learning in Disease Biology
  ✔  Metabolism and Inflammation
  ✔  Genomics of Traditional Medicine
  ✔  Ethics and Regulatory Issues


The Indian Society of Biological Chemists (SBC) founded in 1930, has 2800 life members and 42 local chapters with a major emphasis to bring together the researchers in all the field of Biological Chemistry. It is affiliated to FAOBMB and IUBMB.


The objectives of the Indian Society of Biological Chemists (India) is to bring together Biological Chemists and Scientists/Scholars from closely related area of Life Sciences, working in different Universities, Institutions from all over the country, to hold meetings and symposia for discussions on topics in which the members pursue their research activities. The other areas of vital interest to the Society in the early years were nutrition, proteins, enzymes, applied microbiology, preventive medicines and the development of high quality proteins from indigenous plant sources.

Members of the National and International Scientific communities interested in recent developments and frontier discoveries and innovations in interdisciplinary Biological Chemistry and related multidisciplinary topics are cordially invited to attend and contribute to its technical sessions. It is expected that SBC(I)-2018 will bring several renowned plenary speakers, and many other participants contributing during different sessions of this conference. It will be a good platform for collaboration among biochemists, researchers, scientists and academicians to exchange research ideas and will discuss actively the recent international and national achievements.


Abstract Submission Deadline
5 November 2018
November 25-27, 2018
Early Bird registration deadline
30 October 2018


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