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Health Education Role Play

Topic for Health Education Role Play:

contact: Kopal Vasudev - 9535103204

Health education targets on building up knowledge, skills and positive attitude about health. It focuses on educating people about physical, mental, emotional and social health and well-being.
Role play is an exciting event of our student conference that aims at spreading awareness regarding health education using visual and interactive means. Participants can convey their message by channeling their creativity and knowledge through skits.
Health education is crucial for the betterment of health of not only individuals but the community as a whole.
We await your enthusiastic and enlightening participation!
The rules of the same are:
Entries: Not more than 3 teams per college & 5-10 participants per team.
Time: Maximum 8 minutes including setup time.
Rules: Skit must be done in ENGLISH only. No costumes allowed but props maybe used. Topic for the role play will be given well before in advance.

NOTE: For Active and Passive participants