Healthcare in India is a largest area/sector in providing employment and also in terms of revenue which encompasses healthcare organizations (like hospitals, nursing centers etc.), Medical Equipment, Research, telemedicine, medical tourism. Growing number of customers expecting quality care, demand quick response and less waiting time. The success of healthcare technology rest on how professionals bring in the healthcare providers and integrate them into the development and deployment process. Summit focusses on reducing divergence between what is developed and what is needed. Participant can expect exceptional networking and transformative discussions in a unique environment for research and professional growth in the area of Healthcare. Through insightful discussion and engagement, experts shares emerging trends in healthcare technologies. Healthcare professionals and clinicians shares their thoughts on advancement and challenges in healthcare technology.

• To provide common platform for multidisciplinary researchers for insightful discussion with healthcare professionals
• To deliberate recent trends in Indian Healthcare and highlight the most pressing concerns in disease diagnosis and management
• To address the need of technology advancement for better diagnosis, treatment planning and education.


• Healthcare data and data analytics
• Radiological Solutions
• Technology enhanced medical education and training (Virtual Reality)
• Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in healthcare
• Industry-Academia Research Model for Healthcare innovations in India