Auditory Processing Disorder – An update

  16th – 18th October, 2019  
   Venue: Sharada Hall, Manipal College of Health Professions (MCHP), MAHE, Manipal    
RCI accredited program with 18 credit points !

Resource Persons

Dr. Suzanne Carolyn Purdy,
Head of School
University of Auckland
New Zealand

Academic background includes an MSc in Psychology (Auckland, 1982), PhD in Speech Pathology and Audiology (Iowa, 1990) and a Diploma of Audiology (Melbourne, 1982). Her current research is on Communication disorders in adults and children, Electrophysiological assessment of auditory function, Auditory processing disorder, Sensory processing in mild cognitive impairment etc.

Dr. Mridula Sharma
Associate Professor
Macquarie University
Sydney, Australia

Her research centers on speech perception in noise, auditory processing, cortical auditory evoked potentials and auditory plasticity across age span. She has investigated the effects of cognition such as attention and statistical learning on listening in populations with listening and hearing disorders.

Dr. Asha Yathiraj,
Professor in Audiology
All India Institute of Speech and Hearing (AIISH)
Mysore, India

Her main areas of interest include Rehabilitative Audiology, Educational Audiology, Auditory Processing Disorders, Paediatric Audiology, Speech Perception, Cochlear Implants

Dr. Vanaja CS
Professor and Head
Dept. of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology
Bharti Vidyapeeth University
School of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology
Pune, India

Her research mainly focusses on Diagnostic Audiology, Electrophysiological measures, Assessment and management of Central auditory processing disorders, Implantable devices, Psychophysics