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Theme of the workshop-cum-conference

Algebra is often described as the language of mathematics and computer science. Historically, the terms algebra and algorithm originate from the same source. Algebra is so beautiful that many people naturally possess the ability to understand and apply algebra in real life problems. The aim of the National Workshop-cum-Conference is to highlight the concepts from modern algebra and demonstrate their applications in computer science. Indeed, it is encouraging to note that computer algebra has evolved as a discipline linking advanced algebra to methods of computer science and thus offering many tools. The workshop-cum-conference will focus on algorithms and algebraic computations, finite fields and applications, algebraic codes, data mining, soft computing techniques, algebraic cryptography, and recent developments in these areas. The event will provide an ideal platform for the faculty, researchers, and the students in the various disciplines of science and engineering to reinforce their knowledge. The participants of this National Workshop-cum-Conference will also be benefited from recent trends of modern algebra and its applications. The latest research work will be presented in the invited sessions / short communication sessions of the conference. The first National Workshop with the same theme was organized during January 2013 at MIT Manipal, which was supported by NBHM, DST, CSIR, DRDO and Infosys.