International Conference On
Fostering Innovation in Financial Inclusion:
Strengthening Responsible Finance in Digital Economy
Friday, 16 February 2018

 About The Conference  

The digital economy has expanded the scope for greater financial inclusion through digital financial services which leverage information and communication technologies and digital ecosystem. The opportunities of digital finance, however, come with new risks making the financially excluded most vulnerable. Responsible finance focussing on client protection, customer service, and product innovation to address the diverse needs of the customers ensures the offering of financial services in an accountable, transparent and ethical manner. Besides providing an opportunity to researchers to share their research findings, the conference will organize keynote sessions from eminent practitioners from reputed financial institutions and banks, developmental agencies, and governmental bodies on responsible finance in the digital economy. The conference focuses on the following themes: i) trends in digital financial inclusion; issues and challenges for reaching the financially excluded ii) innovative digital business models and disruptive technologies that support inclusive digital finance, and iii) responsible finance practices. Themes of the conference shall include the revolutionary approach in the following areas, but not limited to:

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