As a part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, Electrical Sciences stream is hosting the International Conference on “Recent Trends in Electrical Sciences and Medical Engineering” (ICRTESME) in the month of August 2017. The conference aims to offer a forum for interaction among the students, academicians, leading scientists and industrial experts.

With economic crunch reshaping the world economy, Affordable Technology is emerging as a key driver throughout the world. The world's richest economies are exploring ways of making front line technologies affordable for the common man. Despite substantial technological advances in areas such as Automation, Communication, Energy, Food, Healthcare, Security, Space Technology and Water, bringing these technologies within the realm of affordability poses a major challenge. Even in developed countries high end health care is still a dream for a sizeable proportion of the population.

With its rapid economic growth and substantial population, India is seen by the world as the potential market for their goods. The nature of this market dictates the need for a more “frugal innovation” that produces “cost effective” products and services that are affordable by people of low levels of incomes, without compromising the safety, efficiency and utility of the products. There is also the need for such innovations to be environmental friendly and sustainable. Governments look up to the academic and research community to address these issues and come up with practical and viable solutions. Thus, there is an urgent need to convert research outputs from the laboratories into revenue model based affordable solutions. The International Conference ICRTESME focuses on the theme “Challenges in and Innovative Approaches for Affordable Technology”.

Venue                 :   Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal, Udupi district, Karnataka state, India
Dates of Conference :   August 8-10, 2017