About the Symposium

Understanding, acknowledging and analysing the cultural differences are becoming increasingly imperative for social workers around the Globe due to inter-regional and international migration. Though the conventional social work theories have given impetus to the intercultural differences, the emerging socio-cultural issues are highly complex that challenge the existing approaches and training. The emerging social issues are dynamic and complex with inadequate welfare measures and preventative interventions, it has become the clarion call for the social work profession to comprehend and come out with indigenous theories, models and ethical frameworks that embraces cultural differences. These developments should be evidence driven and integrated into the education curriculum.

Against this understanding, the proposed international conference intends to examine the context of local, national and international relationships across cultures of different regions and impact of social work interventions. The conference will comprise of reflections on professional self and the social work profession in relation to intercultural exchanges to develop decolonised ethical frameworks of practice.

Main Aim

The aim of the international conference is to recognize, respect and know about culture plurality, and thereby rework on conventional theories to evolve more effective models of intercultural social work practices.