Theme of the Event

The Nanoscience and Technology plays a key role in unravelling many concerns of health care, material sciences, energy harvesting, display devices etc. Development of miniaturized cost-effective wearable devices based nanotechnologies for the early detection of many diseases is an emerging area of research with a huge market potential. Newer and newer materials at different length scales are being developed for the better future of the humanity. Photonics, another promising area really began with the invention of the laser in 1960. Since then lasers have been used as an effective tool for a variety of applications. Photonics is a highly multidisciplinary and applied subject. Increasing use of lasers, optical fiber sensors and optoelectronic components are being used in compact devices. These developments enhance the importance of light and photonics. Laser technology and photonics are already become soul technology for many fields like healthcare, communication, networking, defense, entertainment, astrophysics and many more.

In this conference, the focus will be on the utilization of nanotechnology and photonics to understand the interaction between light and soft matter and Nano systems for medical application. Further the conference will also explore the latest approaches to develop novel techniques and materials that facilitate development of next generation devices for better health care.


3rd Floor, Dr. T.M.A Pai Halls, MAHE, Manipal


December 28-30, 2019

Contact Details

Dr. Sajan D. George
Dr. Santhosh Chidangil
Dept. of Atomic & Molecular Physics,
L.G-01, Academic Block 5, MIT,
Manipal Academy of Higher Education,
Manipal – 576 104,
Udupi, Karnataka , India

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