Debate Rules and Regulations – Prelims

  • The debate competition will be held in two rounds with the prelims on 21st September( Day 3) And the finals on 22nd September (Day 4)
  • The competition is open to the participants of IGCLA 2019 conference
  • There will be a maximum of 12 teams. Each team consisted of 2 participants each – one speaking for and the other speaking against the motion
  • The topics for the rounds will be declared one day prior to the event
  • Each participant will get 2 minutes to speak his/her point of view. A warning bell will ring after 1 and a half minutes. Exceeding the time limit will be liable to negative marks
  • After completion of 2 minutes there will be a 1 minute for cross questions from the judges and the audience if time permits.
  • The judge must base his decision entirely on the material presented without regard for other material which he may happen to posses. Participants will be judged for the uniqueness of there content and command over the vocabulary.

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