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Conference main objective is to find a feasible sustainable solution for the customers and society at large by bridging the gap between industry and academia to innovate the print and media businesses.

Print and Media industry is developing at a rapid pace, due to process innovation. Industries are making investments in technology and are able to reap benefits. The industry must try to balance both the side and abide by the legal formalities.

Conference Tracks Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Track 1 Innovative Trends in Electronic Media

Advertising and Marketing Trends
Media in Sustainable Society
Consumer Perception and Media Use
Social Trends and their Impact on Media
Graphical Communication and Visual Design
Developing Media Communications and Value Added Systems
Online and Mobile Media Development
Cross-Media Publishing
Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Track 2 Technological Problems and Sustainable Solutions

Conventional Printing Processes
Volatile Organic Compounds and Environment
Consumables and Raw Materials
Storage and Hazards
3D Printing
Digital Printing and Imaging Technology
Color Reproduction and Color Management
Image Reproduction Quality
Printed Electronics Applied Science for Graphic Technology

Track 3 Innovative Trends in Packaging Technology

Ergonomics and Design
Smart Packaging
Food Packaging
Pharma Packaging
Material Science and Engineering
Folding Cartons
Paper, Board and Plastics
Barrier properties of Packaging Substrates

Track 4 Operations and Production Management

Total Quality Management
Logistics Management
Maintenance Management
Production Planning and Control
Product Workflow
Just-in-Time and Lean Production
Automation and its Impact