National Conference on Advances in Chemical Sciences
   (NCACS – 2018)   
Sponsored by DST-SERB

Theme: Materials for Sustainability
2 – 3, November 2018


The aim of NCACS – 2018 is to bring together the young and senior scientists from nationally reputed research organizations as well as from Universities working in the various fields of chemical sciences. This conference will provide a platform for discussing the recent advancements in the chemical sciences and its interdisciplinary research areas. The conference will have invited talks, oral and poster presentations in the following topics (not limited to)

• High performance materials
• Organic Light emitting Diodes (OLEDs)
• Advanced materials for energy conservation
• Electrochemical power sources
• Nanomaterials for energy
• Photovoltaic solar cells
• Biodegradable / biocompatible polymeric materials
• Corrosion control by green techniques
• Organic synthesis using ionic liquids, SCFs, microwaves, ultrasonics
• Green catalysis
• Fluorescence and Phosphorescence materials
• Plasmonics and Liquid Crystals
• Modern Synthetic techniques for materials
• Characterization of materials