Abstract Submission

Abstract a maximum of 300 words in Times New Roman font, with size as 11 points, Justified with a line spacing of 1.15 and a paragraph spacing of 12 points after each paragraph.

The Title of the Abstract should be in Times New Roman Font, Bold and 14 points in size and the Author Names should be in Times New Roman font, 12 points in size. The Affiliation to be in Times New Roman font, 11 points in size, Italics and the email id in Times New Roman font, 10 points in size with one line gap after the Title of the Abstract, Author Names and email id and single line spacing in between as shown above.

Please note that the Abstract should be limited to a one-page article and only key references can be mentioned. Please click here to access the abstract template file.

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Note:- Selected abstracts will be published in the form of full papers after peer review in a scientific journal.

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