National Conference on
Extended Reality and Healthcare: New Frontiers
Pre-conference workshop: 20 July 2023 | Conference: 21-22 July 2023
Organized by
   Department of Basic Medical Sciences, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal

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Theme of the Event

Technologies that provides immersive experiences, that blends the physical and virtual world are on a rise. The world of healthcare including healthcare education, is not away from such technologies. Today, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) with large doses of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are trying to make health professions education more interesting, more experiential. These technologies are helping in patient care, diagnostics, rehabilitation, skills training, patient education and more. It is essential that the students of these technologies as well as of health sciences and the experts in these domains come together. And so does the companies, the start-ups, the industry that is already taking giant strides in Extended Reality in Healthcare.

Department of Basic Medical Sciences, MAHE, Manipal, thus brings this unique conference which aims to be an academia-industry confluence, a forum where there is hands-on experiential learning of the new technologies, a platform where rich academic discourse will occur, a melting pot where the different components of Extended Reality and its extensions and healthcare meet.

"Extended Reality in Healthcare - new frontiers" will have various themes including Health Professions Education, Education Technology, Healthcare Skills Training, Clinical Skills, Physical Rehabilitation, Patient Education and more. The conference is for the curious health science student as much as it is for companies working in AI in Health, digital health, AR, VR in education, skills training. It is for researchers as well as senior experts. This conference intends to be inclusive under the broad umbrella of Extended Reality & Healthcare.

Pre-conference webinar


Date and time



Name of the Resource person



3rd June 2023






Dr. Vidya.M.N

Lead Consultant Histopathology

Manipal Hospitals, Bangalore




Implementation and integration of digital pathology into lab workflow


10th June 2023







Dr. Hareesha K S


International Centre for Applied Sciences

MAHE, Manipal


Immersive medicine: The future of healthcare with virtual and augmented reality

24th June 2023


7:00PM- 8:00PM

Dr. Ganesh Paramasivam

Associate Professor

Department of Cardiology

Kasturba hospital


Machine learning and Artificial intelligence in healthcare: An overview


Department of Basic Medical Sciences, MAHE, Manipal


July 21-22, 2023

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