National Conference on
Extended Reality and Healthcare: New Frontiers
Pre-conference workshop: 20 July 2023 | Conference: 21-22 July 2023
Organized by
   Department of Basic Medical Sciences, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal

Pre-conference workshop

Torso, is the area between the neck and gluteal region. In the posterior segment it is defined as the back region. The back is a key structural region of the body vital for a good posture, kinesis and, upper and lower limb movements. It is enclosed by the superficial and deep fascia. The back muscles are divided into three layers; deep, intermediate, and superficial. Some of these muscles attach to the lateral and posterior processes of the vertebrae and help the spine to maintain an upright posture, while others are involved in upper extremity movement.

Back pain: cause and management

Back pain is a collectively presenting symptom in patients. In general, physical therapy and anti-inflammatory and/or muscle relaxant medications, are the treatment of choice. However, the most important thing in this intervention is to reveal the etiology that causes back pain and to treat it. In some cases, surgery may be a requirement.
Back pain may be because of herniation of an intervertebral disc, soft tissue injuries, and fractures of vertebrae or different types of spinal diseases. The differential diagnosis for back pain is vast. Due to spinal attachment of the paraspinal muscles, spinal disease studies have reverted their focus on these muscles in recent years.

Aim of the workshop:

The aim of this workshop is to facilitate the understanding of the structural and functional anatomy of the back with live dissection and demonstration. The key differentiator of this workshop would be the use of Augmented and Virtual reality assets prepared exclusively for the workshop to enhance learning of the deepest structures of the back and its applied aspects.


Who can register:
The registration for the pre-conference workshop will be restricted to post graduates, PhD scholars and Faculty working in back pain management field.

Registration fee:
5900/INR, which includes the fee for all learning materials, lunch and refreshments.

Total number of participants:
restricted to 30, strictly on first come first serve basis. This ensures appropriate hands- on experience of the workshop module.

How to register:
Use the online registration link available under registration tab.

Topics Covered:

  • Dissection of the back from skin to deep up to the vertebral column and spinal nerves (Live dissection and display using XR technology)
  • Important biomechanics of the back, made easy by experienced physical therapist and orthopedic surgeon in the field
  • Demonstration of common applied aspects and its management using AR/VR Technology

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