Instructions to the Author


The abstract of the work proposed to be presented should be prepared in Microsoft word file and submitted online as a portable document file (PDF) according to the instructions given below on or before the stipulated date. The abstracts should be submitted only in the prescribed format and as PDF. The Model Abstract is available for download. The following sections are required and should be in the same order. Font style should be uniform across the abstract and is Times New Roman. Font Size of the abstract text is 12 except the Title which should be 14, ALL CAPITALS and BOLD. Line spacing throughout abstract should be single. Margins should be Normal i.e 2.54 cm (Left, Right, Top and Bottom).

A) Title: Type the complete title of abstract in ALL CAPITALS and BOLD.

B) Authors and Co-Authors: Name of the presenting author and address (institution, University, city, state, country and Pin code). Presenting author name should be underlined. Certificate will be issued only in the name of presenting author. In case of any change in the presenting author, scientific committee should be informed.

Type the Co-Author(s) name(s) and restrict to four co-authors.

Do not use titles; i.e. Dr., Mr., Mrs., Ph.D., etc. Only affiliation of presenting author should be mentioned and do not mention affiliations of co-authors.

C) ABSTRACT: The text of the abstract should be typed in Times New Roman using font size of 12 with sub-headings in bold. The abstract should not be more than 250 words.

  • Introduction:
  • Objectives:
  • Methodology:
  • Results and Discussion:
  • Conclusion:

File Size should NOT be more than 1MB

D) Key Words: Key words should be mentioned after the abstract. At least five key words.