International Conference on Commerce and Management

  16th & 17th September 2021  


About the conference:
Department of Commerce hosting the 2nd International Conference on Commerce and Management in association with Manipal International University, Malaysia, Deakin University, Australia, and HU University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Businesses are successful as they are made with a great vision backed by strong strategies. These strategies are designed keeping in mind the business situation prevailing at that moment. We often see that due to changed situations, strategies made may have to be redesigned and implemented. The year 2020 would go into history as a year that has not just shaken small businesses but also larger ones. The prominent reason for it has been the Covid 19 pandemic, which has disrupted businesses and economies. Businesses and corporate houses are struggling for sustainability, let alone have profits. History shows that crises change institutions and are likely to have permanent impacts on societies that are directly or indirectly involved (Polanyi, 1944; Mazier et al., 1999; Parker, 2013). In the aftermath of the crisis, we cannot expect the world economy, global supply chains, and international trade to return to ‘what we perceived as normal’ pre-Covid. We may expect businesses to reconsider globalized production chains, and we may see trends of localisation. How will organisations respond to changes in consumer behaviour; will people travel less, consume less, value home and family differently? What are the consequences of such changes for sustainable business and business’ sustainability?

Some business units have been forced to close or suspend operations due to depleted sales, lack of adequate cashflows. Some have dropped a few underperforming products from their product line, whereas some had to close a few branches. The solution to these and many such problems lies with academics and research.

The conference would attempt to facilitate researchers worldwide to present their research work, expanding knowledge and insight into the significant challenges currently being addressed in the research. Research papers, case studies, and articles are invited from various inter-disciplinary areas and sectors for the conference. The conference solicits technical research submissions related to all aspects of the listed conference theme and subthemes. It specifically aims to synthesize research perspectives and foster interdisciplinary scholarly dialogues to develop integrated approaches to complex global business dynamics and redefine the same in different countries & various disciplines.

Theme: Redefining Sustainable Global Business Dynamics
Sub themes :
Human Resource Management
• Big Data Analytics in HRM • Organization development • Performance Management • Employer branding • Employee Engagement • Innovative HR Practises

• Financial Analytics including Cloud Accounting • Sustainability reporting including Environmental Accounting • Inflation Accounting | Responsibility Accounting • Shadow accounting and Off-balance sheet financing • Hedge Accounting | Forensic Accounting

• Social media marketing • Bottom of the pyramid • Green marketing • Children and marketing • Contemporary pricing & distribution issues • Luxury marketing

Logistics & Supply chain
• Scheduling and Logistics • Revenue Management and Pricing • Quality Control and Six Sigma • Closed Loop Supply Chains • Supply Chain Risk Management • Humanitarian Logistics and Disaster Relief • Operations, Supply Chain Analytics • Technology and Operations Management

• Green energy, Green Economy, Green Business and Green Computing • Price Instabilities & Economic Volatilities- Inflation & Recession • Shadow Economy • Fiscal Policy for Growth Stabilization • Global Economic Volatilities and Impact on National Economies

Transitioning to Responsible Business
• Social Entrepreneurship.
• Responsible Value Chain Management/Responsible Supply Chain Management.
      o Closed-Loop Supply Chains
• Legal framework: Due Diligence OESO and UN guidelines on Business and Human Rights;
• Circular Economy;
     o Readiness / Assessment / Maturity;
     o Digital Technology and Circular Economy

** The above mentioned topics are only indicative and not exhaustive

Conference Venue
Conducted through Virtual mode
Important Dates

Abstract submission
10 September 2021

Full paper is not mandatory for submission

Payment of registration fees
15 September 2021