Schrödinger is the scientific leader in developing state-of-the-art chemical simulation software for use in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and materials. They majorly includes physics-based computational platform which integrates differentiated solutions for predictive modelling, data analytics, and collaboration to enable rapid exploration of chemical space. Their platform is deployed by industry leaders worldwide for drug discovery, as well as for materials science in fields as diverse as aerospace, energy, semiconductors, and electronics displays. The platform powers their own drug discovery efforts, from target identification to hit discovery to lead optimization. It also drives their research collaborations to develop novel medicines for critical public health needs.

STEERLife is a speciality life sciences company that deploys it’s proprietary and disruptive technology platforms to change the way medicines are made and taken. STEERLife’s patented processes result in differentiated and specialty products with enhanced convenience, compliance, bioavailability, efficacy and/or safety. STEERLife’s continuous manufacturing program leverages its innovative technology to provide more efficient continuous and integrated manufacturing.

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