THEME: Molecular Pharmaceutics: A Vital Tool for Future Therapeutics

Molecular Pharmaceutics is a multidisciplinary approach involving the development of a drug delivery system based on the knowledge of Pharmaceutics, Chemistry, Engineering, Biochemistry, Pharmacokinetics, Drug metabolism and Biology. Molecular mechanical insights are considered as an essential part in designing a drug delivery system. Molecular Pharmaceutics would soon become an integral part of development of a “desirable” dosage form. A Pharmaceutics researcher requires the knowledge of all the above allied areas.

This conference is designed to create a concerted forum to deliberate on –

  • The formulation development at molecular level integrating formulation, chemical and biological sciences
  • Considering the chemistry behind the drug, excipients and their interactions and
  • Appropriately improving the biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutics aspects of the drug molecule

• Polymer and Material Science
• Protein and Peptide Delivery/ Biotherapeutics/ Biosimilars
• Delivery of Nucleotides
• Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
• Smart Functionalization and Drug Targeting
• Computational Simulations
• Translational Pharmaceutics

Conference Highlights

  • Pre-conference workshop, Plenary Lectures, Invited Lectures, Panel Discussion and Paper presentations*
  • *Paper presentations
    • - Accepted papers will be considered for POSTER presentations.
    • - The selected papers shall be published in a Scopus indexed journal